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Last glimpses of the year 2009

This has become a tradition of mine so here it goes, on the first day of 2010, we take look a look BACK to the PAST *ominous music playing*

All the way... to the year of 2009!

Song of the Year: Still Unbroken, Umbrella (baseballs verse), JAP, Dancing with myself (glee verse), Somebody to Love (both Glee and queen verse), 500 miles, One (Johnny cash verse), EYE OF THE TIGER!

Music of the Year: Glee soundtrack, Baseballs, AC/DC, George Michael (lol), Abbington Boys School, Johnny Cash, Classic ROCK!

Movie seen on cinema:
Comedy: 17 again, Propose, Night at the Museum
Action: Watchmen, Wolverine, Star Trek, Terminator: Salvation, Fast & Furious, G.I. Joe, Transformers 2, 2012, Surrogates, 007 Quantum of Solace
Drama: Slumdog Millionaire
Adventure: Inkheart, Australia
Thriller: The Day Earth stood still, Angels & Demons
Historical: Public Enemies
Animated movie: UP (3D), Madagascar 2,
Horror: My Bloody Valentine

Actor of the Year: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Colins

TV-Show of the Year: Criminal Minds, Numb3rs and CSI still the thing. Also Glee, Conan O'Brian, Robinson Crusoe, Eli Stone, Psych and, sorry to say, Harper's Island. That one was so bad it is worth mentioning. Sorry Jimmy. Oh and then there was this one show... what was it called again... two brothers fighting demons and such... Oh yeah. SUPERNATURAL!

Animation/anime of the Year: Letter Bee, Bounen no Xamdou, Soul Eater

Book of the Year: The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon, Ionian Mission (Aubrey/Maturin)... I did give a try to the Twilight-serie. Lets just say it wrestles in total different class...

Purchase of the Year: uuuh~ Been spending money on junk this year A LOT. Tickets to 30STM consert and SPN DVD boxes and books come first to mind. Did I buy my sewing machine this or last year? Wait! Our new HD television! And my camera ^_^

Animal of the Year: PINEAPPLE! no. wait. that's not an animal... hmmm... hellhounds?

Friend of the year: I found this new thing called online friends and convention friends this year O.o So here we go: Iori, Tonishi, Yu-suke, Anna, Santzu, Puppy, Henna, Elec (+sieg/dynsse), Maru, Yuki, Shiro, Lotwen, Dr. Livingdead...

Mistake of the year: uuuh... spending too much ^^;

Cloth of the Year: Cosplay still the thing. ABS band shirt :D And I rediscovered jeans ^_^

Achievement of the year: Made *counts* 9 cosplay costumes, got a job, dropped few pounds, wrote some porn, reached a whole new level "do not go there"...

Comic/manga of the Year: Watchmen and X-men ^_^

Mangaka of the Year: 4th year a row; Boura still rocks the world!

Game of the Year: Suikoden 5, Soul Calibur 4

Food of the Year: cream-chicken with noodles

Unselfish action of the Year: Been a nice cousin, sister, daughter, co-worker and a friend.

Crush of the Year: ummm... a year ago I was totally head over my heels for this guy from work. Luckily haven't seen him for awhile. And i'm making progress. I'm only obssessed of him for couples of weeks after we exchange hi's at the hallway.
Other crushes would be... Spanish teacher with these killer legs and curly head named Will Schuester, A lovely bad boyish hunter Dean Winchester, like the rifle, with a sweat, sweat, sweat Impala '69, his tall, puppy eyed, little brother Sam Winchester, their father, the papa winchester, whose just pure awesome (as is Bobby), Our now, fallen, angel Castiel, with puppy eyes almost matching Sammy's. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles who are one of the funniest, kindest and adorablest actors i've seen, Shawn Spencer, our little 'psych' with so many anoying characteristic you can only love him, Gauche, my gentle eyed postman with that sexy hat, my prince with that drooly orange shirt, Belcoot, my lovely, clueless swordman...

Pairings of the Year: DeanxSammyxDean, DeanxCastiel, JohnxDean, JaredxJensen, CrusoexFriday, FinnxKurt, NightowlxOzymandias, ComedianxOzymandias, GusxShawn, LassiterxShawn, WolverinexSabertooth, KirkxSpock, ElixNathan, FeridxGeorge Prime, GizelxPrince, BelcootxPrince, RoyxPrince... and this interesting crossover - Henry Spencer x John Winchester


Christmas Calendar 2009 - Hatch 4

Christmas Calendar 2009 - Hatch 3

Christmas Calendar 2009 - Hatch 2

Christmas Calendar 2009 - Hatch 1

Christmas Calendar 2009 - info

Desided to try this again...

So, Christmas Calendar 2009, three years after the last one and since you all know i'm not good at finishing stuff, I desided to use some of the old hatches from the 2006 calendar to improve the chances of getting a whole calendar this year ;P

The hatches are small stories in english and since i've written most of them the day before, they are not spellchecked. Most of them are fanfictions from games, books, tv-shows and anime and they would all be rated PG if it werent for Tasuki's faul language -_-
But other than that, they should be safe to read. They are also general, humorous and sappy by nature and dont have any hard implications of yaoi, yuri or any such things that some might find offensive. They are written so that all my friends can enjoy them.
Found this from my hard drive... written about a year ago... I'm going hell. And Cas ain't gonna save my butt...

Title: Using you, using me.
Author: Sirrah-chan
Summary: They say you should practice kissing and sex with somebody. But they also say you should only do those things with the person you care... so shouldn't you practice it with someone you care?"
Notes/warnings: Don/Charlie, NC-17, incest, underage sex. Got this idea from the 3:23 (Money for Nothing) episode of Numb3rs.

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Happy valentine's Day ^_^

Made a video as a Valentine's day gift for all my loved ones ^_^

Happy Valentine's Day for all the friends, families and lovers around the world. Love is beautiful in it's all forms - and this is a video to celebrate them all.detailed infoCollapse )




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